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Japan in Florida

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I woke up one morning with a craving to eat ramen, except I didn’t want the out of the box kind. I wanted some good, Japanese made noodly soup and the interwebs were proving fruitless in finding a place in or around Orlando to eat at. So it made me think that I’m probably not the only person in town who has wanted something Japanese related and has had a difficult time in finding it.

So here we go! Florida-Japan is a community for anyone in Florida to post about, ask about, or generally talk about things Japanese related in our sunshine state.

A few guidelines before posting:

Be courteous and kind to fellow members.
Please do not harass or flame other members because their views or interests differ from yours. You do not have to be a Japanophile to have an interest in Japanese culture. You do not have to be into anime to want to find a good restaurant to eat udon at. People who have been to Japan are not better people than those who have never left the state. And so on... keep a cool head and try not to get into any discussions about what is better. This community is really about information sharing.

If you wish to post a review of a restaurant, convention, shop, experience, please do so and if it is deemed to be helpful and informative, I will add it to the memories section.

Absolutely no auction links or direct sales.
If you are selling something and wish to promote it, please do so on an appropriate community. I will remove any posts made in regards to auctions or sales.

The only exception to this rule is if you own or work for a brick and mortar shop that sells products related to Japanese culture and wish to promote your business.

Don’t forget the other communities.
Though this community is available to talk about all things Japanese related, keep in mind there are other communities dedicated to certain aspects of Japanese culture in Florida. If you have a specific question, you might want to visit one of them for more complete information.