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Japan in Florida
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Black Sphear of the Void [userpic]

Rough edit

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Taking life by the frames [userpic]


223 W Fairbanks Ave
Winter Park, FL 32789

I went to this place while back for a friends gallery opening. It was small, but not like uncomfortable small. The music was really nice, the staff was friendly and very 'hipster' like but in a cool way, lol. There are updated takes on some traditional japanese foods like sushi. They added meat in one of them. Very tasty! 

They have some really nice drink selections there and they have bubble tea there too! Yumm....i love bubble tea, lol! 

Very cool place to hang at!! Hope you like it!

Taking life by the frames [userpic]

I had a post about convention dates and I dont think it was the right place to put it so I deleted it and will post it in my personal journal later. In the meantime, being at Rangetsu after MegaCon for the dolfie (sp?) contest on friday made me miss the fact that there arent any neat little places to eat at around here that arent all on I drive. I think that these are stil places that people know, but they are all really cool, so if you arent familiar with them you should check them out!

110 S. Semoran Boulevard
Winter Park, FL 32792
Tel: 407.677.5800  Fax: 407.677.6925 

Now Ive never really seen the place, but a friend of mine spoke about it in casual conversation so I thought I would look it up. The place doesnt look half bad! They've go some pretty affordable prices and I think their full menu is online. They have a selection of bento lunches, oh and noodles! Not ramen, but udon and soba. (Im not sure if that helps you mere im so sorry, lol) The best place would still be rangestu for the ramen noodles and I think they sell it depending on the season. 

They have a few vegetarian dishes so there is something for everyone! You can even fax your order in and pick it up later! The site also says something about hosting business parties, but I would hope that its not just limited to that. Maybe we can all have a get together there sometime?

Anywhoo, check the place out! The place looks good!!!

Lolita Minako's ABJD Journal [userpic]

This year at METROCON (July 6-8, 2007 at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, Florida), I will be hosting a doll panel on Saturday night from 7-9pm in Panel Room 1, and it will feature a BJD meetup and two events! The first event is Project Dollfie: The Calibur of Design and the second is A Moment in Time, a doll photography contest.

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チャンス [userpic]

I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )

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チャンス [userpic]

I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )

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チャンス [userpic]

I'm currently selling a Kimono and Haori as well as things such as a Bira-Bira Tsumami Kanzashi and Wooden Japanese Geta Shoes!Collapse )

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Taking life by the frames [userpic]

I've been trying to find more information on it, but I guess I can't because it hasent opened yet. But the place is called Oy-shee (like 'Oishii' meaning delicious in japanese) and its going to be on the corner of east colonial and goldenrod. They're going to be where the Pizza Hut red roof used to be, right next to the Burger  King. I will keep trying to find more information on it like when the grand opening is or something

Sorry its just really been THAT hard to find cool stuff to do that fits for this community...oh well, more reason to look!!!

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Taking life by the frames [userpic]

Man, I hat the fact that I KNOW there are tons of neat little japanese-esque places to see here in Orlando, but now that Im trying to make an honest effort to look, nothing is coming up!!! I hate being empty handed! But I did remember a little nifty restaurant on Aloma that Dee Jay and I went to and we enjoyed it mucho!

Saikyo Sushi Bar & Grill 
2522 Aloma Ave 
Winter Park FL 32792-3402
(407) 673-8294

Its a nice comfortably quiet place with nice background music and a calming atmosphere. The food is generous, the prices arent horrible; I just have to come to terms that specialty foods like that arent going to be too cheap, lol! But like 7 to 14 bucks on average for their meals. The sushi is gooooood! Very yummy! My favorite part about the restaurant though is that there is a part in the back where the chairs and tables are set low to the ground so you can eat on your knees. For a gaijin geek like me, it makes me feel all special and yes I am the retard going "look at me! Im all japanese because I can feel my legs falling asleep while I eat! yay!!"

And I dont regret it in the slightest, LOL!

Its a nice way to end the night especially if your just coming out of a gallery opening or something (rollins is like, SUPER close to it too) You can feel all artsy, lol!!

So go! Check it out! Eat and be full and happy!

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Ana Aesthetic [userpic]

Taking suggestions for the interests, please :D Need to beef it up some.

Also, if anyone has a better name idea, or if you like the straightforwardness of this one, let me know.

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