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Japan in Florida
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November 2012
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Daeg [userpic]
Selling kimono goodies!

I have a few things I need to get out of my closets. Between downsizing greatly in storage/living space, and being very much in debt, selling some kimono things would help. But... I really do love my kimono, so a trade would be awesome too!

I'm looking to trade/sell some new/fairly new stuff. Lots of info and pics under the cut!

X-posted to kimono_swap, kimono_fashion, and florida_japan.

- Blue Iromuji:

Sleeve to sleeve: 52 in. / 130 cm.
Shoulder to hem: 64 in. / 160 cm.

Slight snag along the bottom of hem about three inches up on left side, but is barely noticeable. Has a snap in the collar to help keep the fabric straight. Synthetic hitoe iromuji kimono. Colour is close to hex 0066cc and 3399ff. $40, or best offer.

- Unfinished Odori Furisode:

Sleeve to sleeve: 54 in. / 135 cm.
Shoulder to hem: 64 in. / 160 cm.

This is an UNFINISHED kimono. I bought it and never wore it, never got a chance to sew it. Has several embroidered crests on the shoulders in bright pastel and metallic colours, bottom foot and a half or so is dip-dyed black. Bottom lining is a cornflower blue, but linings at the opening and sleeves are crimson and turquoise. Background is a greyish-white with grey asanoha patterns. Very striking! I paid about $200, but I'm letting it go for $150, or best offer.

- Black Nagoya Obi:

Length: 133 in. / 332.5 cm.

Plain black-on-black Nagoya obi for basic otaiko knots (although I've managed to tie a few others with it). Has a few slight creases from folding, but they can be steamed out. I don't recall if it's silk or a soft synthetic. River pattern with floating flowers. $25

- Koshi-himo:

Length: 48 in. / 120 cm.

Synthetic, hand-made. $10/2. I have a few sets of these in a few different colours, so let me know if you want to see more.

For trades: I like bright colours, esp. blues, greens, purples, blacks, metallics, and sometimes yellows, hime and momiji patterns... I'm in need of obi and obi accessories, kimono... oh, and I'm particularly looking for mens' pieces featuring rabbits or tigers. I'll get pics and more info for everything as soon as I can! Comment or e-mail if you'd like to buy/make a trade. manekimaiko@yahoo.com

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Japanese Cultural Classes


My name is Martha Morejon, Sensei. I teach aikijitsu at the Clayton Recreation Center on 159 E. Jackson Street. We are hosting Japanese Cultural classes (Chanoyu, Ikebana, Taiko, Etc) every Wednesday night from 7pm-9pm. If you, family members or friends are interested in learning any of these classes or have any question please contact me at shihankyu@yahoo.com you can also visit our website at www.aikijitsu.com
Thank you and hope to see you there.