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Japan in Florida
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November 2012
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ancient_immie [userpic]

Hello, I just joined the community and I thought that I'd share a few of my favorite Japan hot-spots on the Southside of Orlando.

Suki Hanna
4060 Town Center Blvd
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 852-9688
Suki Hanna via mycityeats.com
Great little place in Hunter's Creek Area. They have a All you Can Eat Sushi deal from Sunday - Thursday for $21. Have some authentic Japanese deserts. A full menu with descriptions and a very friendly and polite staff.
sushi, bar, bento boxs, tempura, katsu, hibachi, udon, sukiyaki, nabe, sashimi, soup, salad

Japan HQ
Japan Goods & Snacks
[2 locations]
[1]Fashion Square Mall
3201 E. Colonial Drive
Suite# U20-C
Orlando, FL 32803
[2]Florida Mall
8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32809
A Family run shop with Sanrio, Anime, models, minitures. They have DVDs, manga and CDs. Also have a small selection of Japanese snacks and drinks.
anime, manga, models, tokidoki, sanrio, harajuku lovers, pucchi minitures, pocki, snacks, drinks

I was also wondering if there were any places in Orlando that cater to Volks/Dollfie hobbiest?


There used to be a Volks distributor in DeLand, but they closed and went online only. However, I will say that Disney is very receptive to dolls. We went for the doll and bear festival and they gave us free trading pins for our doll costume contest, let my sister and I ride in front of the monorail, and were very kind and accepting. Miyuki (the candymaker in EPCOT's Japan Showcase and my first doll's namesake) loved to see them, and the employees in the China showcase LOVE them. XD

I knew about the bear & doll thing. I desperately would love to start crafting a volks, but I would love to learn from someone first. That's cool I'll have to look them up.