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Japan in Florida
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November 2012
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Daeg [userpic]
Hi there~

Oi! Perthro the newboot here, with my super-fab neko Bebe.

I'm a raving kimono enthusiast and jewellry/accessories maker from... ... tampa. But I haven't made any kimono things yet, because... well, I can't bring myself to cut kimono fabric. I'm more likely to find a way to wear a stained obi than cut it up but tying it or hiding it. But occasionally, me and my kimono must part, so I'll give ya'll first dibs before Ebay-ing them.

One day, in the very far future, I hope to bring kimono-wearing to almost-every-day-life here. Yukata could be popular in Florida, right?

Current Music: H. Ayumi- evolution

nope, none of these cheap chinese bath robes... I can't stand them. Actually, if you have a Myspace account to see them, I have photos of a few kimono at myspace.com/tranquildementia

I've turned to selling one kimono for another once I get tired of it/outgrow it. It's the only way I can make room for them!