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Japan in Florida
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November 2012
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Daeg [userpic]
Hi there~

Oi! Perthro the newboot here, with my super-fab neko Bebe.

I'm a raving kimono enthusiast and jewellry/accessories maker from... ... tampa. But I haven't made any kimono things yet, because... well, I can't bring myself to cut kimono fabric. I'm more likely to find a way to wear a stained obi than cut it up but tying it or hiding it. But occasionally, me and my kimono must part, so I'll give ya'll first dibs before Ebay-ing them.

One day, in the very far future, I hope to bring kimono-wearing to almost-every-day-life here. Yukata could be popular in Florida, right?

Current Music: H. Ayumi- evolution

Irasshaimasen! Glad you can come aboard! You know selling your kimono and accessories would be great at like MetroCon or something. There are enough people here in Fl that would kill to have at least one kimono or yukata (authentic, none of those Fredrick of Hollywood knock-offs) in their possession.

Hope you like it here!

nope, none of these cheap chinese bath robes... I can't stand them. Actually, if you have a Myspace account to see them, I have photos of a few kimono at myspace.com/tranquildementia

I've turned to selling one kimono for another once I get tired of it/outgrow it. It's the only way I can make room for them!