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Japan in Florida
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November 2012
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jelenity [userpic]
Furoku from all manner of series! Japanese items only! no bootlegs

  Another wonderful update people! I have some of the coolest collection of Furoku sugary goodness out there! All in one stop convience! 

 Run! Don't walk to the site as items may sell out quick! I only have one of each of the items shown on the site. I will not be getting in big lots of older furoku more for sometime as my trading partner in Japan is busy with her new band at the moment.  http://www.serendipity-collections.com/

HanaKimi     Get Love     More Kare      Secret Sweethearts     Ayashi no Ceres
Full Moon wo Sagashita      Kare First Love      Ashteriuze Baby      Full Metal Alchemist
 Yami no Matsuei      Star Blacks      Fruits Basket      Mermaid Melody       Gentleman's Alliance
 Gakuen Alice     Love Berrish      Ribon     Ciao      Nakayosi      Sho-comi      Ouran Host Club