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Japan in Florida
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Taking life by the frames [userpic]

Not sure if anyone is using this community anymore, but for those that don't know about it yet, there's an awesome little store called Anime Orlando that opened up just a few months ago by Econ! It's got some neat food goodies and some awesome model kits, but they have a great selection of locally made arts and wearables! Think of it as a super mini-con that you can go to daily, LOL!

Don't wanna buy anything? They've also got workshops on the weekends that you can attend to as well as consoles if you wanna zone out and mash buttons for a few hours, lol!

Anime Orlando
9645 E. Colonial Dr.
Suite 111
Orlando FL, 32817

(they seem to update their FB page alot more often then their blog lol!)

Daeg [userpic]

I have a few things I need to get out of my closets. Between downsizing greatly in storage/living space, and being very much in debt, selling some kimono things would help. But... I really do love my kimono, so a trade would be awesome too!

I'm looking to trade/sell some new/fairly new stuff. Lots of info and pics under the cut!

X-posted to kimono_swap, kimono_fashion, and florida_japan.

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jelenity [userpic]

  Another wonderful update people! I have some of the coolest collection of Furoku sugary goodness out there! All in one stop convience! 

 Run! Don't walk to the site as items may sell out quick! I only have one of each of the items shown on the site. I will not be getting in big lots of older furoku more for sometime as my trading partner in Japan is busy with her new band at the moment.  http://www.serendipity-collections.com/

HanaKimi     Get Love     More Kare      Secret Sweethearts     Ayashi no Ceres
Full Moon wo Sagashita      Kare First Love      Ashteriuze Baby      Full Metal Alchemist
 Yami no Matsuei      Star Blacks      Fruits Basket      Mermaid Melody       Gentleman's Alliance
 Gakuen Alice     Love Berrish      Ribon     Ciao      Nakayosi      Sho-comi      Ouran Host Club

jelenity [userpic]

I am not a sushi buff but when I was in CA we loved going to TOT & Curry House in Downtown LA. Shopping was done mainly in Kinokunia and at Expo... 

Now that I am back in Florida I have NO IDEA where to go... Anyone have any ideas..?? I collect and trade:
JPOP, KPOP, Furoku, Japanese phonecards, Shitajiki, Anime cels and sketches and a ton of other things and I just feel like I can't find anything down here worthy to visit... Is it just me or does anyone have any info for me...


ancient_immie [userpic]

Hello, I just joined the community and I thought that I'd share a few of my favorite Japan hot-spots on the Southside of Orlando.

Suki Hanna
4060 Town Center Blvd
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 852-9688
Suki Hanna via mycityeats.com
Great little place in Hunter's Creek Area. They have a All you Can Eat Sushi deal from Sunday - Thursday for $21. Have some authentic Japanese deserts. A full menu with descriptions and a very friendly and polite staff.
sushi, bar, bento boxs, tempura, katsu, hibachi, udon, sukiyaki, nabe, sashimi, soup, salad

Japan HQ
Japan Goods & Snacks
[2 locations]
[1]Fashion Square Mall
3201 E. Colonial Drive
Suite# U20-C
Orlando, FL 32803
[2]Florida Mall
8001 S. Orange Blossom Trail
Orlando, FL 32809
A Family run shop with Sanrio, Anime, models, minitures. They have DVDs, manga and CDs. Also have a small selection of Japanese snacks and drinks.
anime, manga, models, tokidoki, sanrio, harajuku lovers, pucchi minitures, pocki, snacks, drinks

I was also wondering if there were any places in Orlando that cater to Volks/Dollfie hobbiest?

チャンス [userpic]

I just opened my own website selling japanese items such as jrock flyers, kimono, anime and japanese sweets. Go check it out. It's really cute :D I'll be updating it throughout the week!

チャンス [userpic]

I'm currently selling some items on ebay. In particular there is a Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL)/FRUiTs mini-crown. It's onl $5 with $5 shipping, so take a look!

It beaded and handmade and resembles the crowns that Kana wear. Thanks!


Black Sphear of the Void [userpic]

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Loli Cabbit [userpic]


I found this out through dolly_cafeteria

kellyhime is advertising that tomorrow, the 18th, is Sarah Day. Sarah Schoch is a very sick young lady with not too much longer to live. ;_; She recently made this post about the progression of her cancer.

So, tomorrow, post UNLOCKED pictures of your BJDs in honor of Sarah, then post a link in her journal (dullapples).

More info can be found here.

Let's show Sarah that the BJD community is there for her!!


Daeg [userpic]

Oi! Perthro the newboot here, with my super-fab neko Bebe.

I'm a raving kimono enthusiast and jewellry/accessories maker from... ... tampa. But I haven't made any kimono things yet, because... well, I can't bring myself to cut kimono fabric. I'm more likely to find a way to wear a stained obi than cut it up but tying it or hiding it. But occasionally, me and my kimono must part, so I'll give ya'll first dibs before Ebay-ing them.

One day, in the very far future, I hope to bring kimono-wearing to almost-every-day-life here. Yukata could be popular in Florida, right?

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